Tuesday, December 27

One very merry Christmas

This year was superb. Christmas Eve began with Mr. Wookie insisting I open one gift. He does this sometimes. He makes me open one awesome gift that's necessary for the night. Usually it's a movie that hits the mark. This time, it was something else. He brought his A-game Saturday night.

I was forced to open a wireless remote. Then I was held at gunpoint to open a tripod. Then he forced us to take pictures. Maybe he's loving it that he almost made me cry. But he really does these little things. He claims that when I just ramble on and on about things I want, he's actually listening. Just don't quote him on that. So now I'm the proud owner of a wireless remote. Jealous of those, no longer.

Miss Pooch's first Christmas with us!

This year's gifts were all about necessity. Mr. Wookie was low on underoos, shirts, and a sleeping bag. So I purchased....underoos, shirts, and a sleeping bag. Oh, and a watch - since his last one was left behind at a Hail and Bail barbeque.

Thank you Mommy McD for the book!

Sweet Pea was low on affection.

So we had to torture her.

And after our little family's Christmas unwrapping, there was the need for more group photos showing the destruction of wrapping paper. I may or may not have wrapped boxes within boxes like babuska dolls in order to make the gifts look bigger. It's not about the price tag. It's about being sneaky and awesome, fulfilling those secret desires for a new 20-degree sleeping bag, a swanky new watch that's almost as sexy as a holiday beard, and cute boxers with sock monkeys, remote controls, and Christmas lights. No high-priced televisions, Apple products, or trust funds. Just good ol' fashioned you-need-this gifts.

And what's Christmas without an outtake?

Then it was time to webcam with my family located 900 miles North of a 75-degree Christmas. Little Nephew is getting quite talkative and intrigued into standing on and opening any and all presents. Oh the life and times of a 23-month old...who's recognizing his Aunt Ging via webcam.

And from there, it was deemed it necessary for Mr. Wookie to own a weed eater. Because taking scissors to edge a yard is a step above sad. And we don't do sad. Sad only happens when the vodka supply is low. Like I said, we don't do sad. We only do happy.

And now, the house is back to normal. Being a giant hippie, we reused the gift boxes we received to stash our new decorative bounty thanks to Target's 30%-off week-before-Christmas sales. I'd do post-Christmas shopping, but I don't fight crowds. I'm way too lazy.

I can't believe the next time I might see these items may be next year. Do I put up decorations next year? Will I be in the mood? Will I be able to go home? Those answers will have to come next year. Because now I'm enjoying in a house that's not full of dead needles. Although the sweet smell of anticipating is lacking.

There's still my favorite gift to blog about - but it's not here yet thanks to storms in the Midwest. Instead, I got a print out of it. And I'm excited. Mr. Wookie is too kind to me.


  1. Loving Miss Pea in her elf hat! Making dogs look ridiculous is one of the main reasons we all put up with scooping poop week after week.

  2. Looks lovely. I'm all about the sneaky stuff, too! :)

  3. Love the family pictures! =) And that outtake.. looks like something I had to deal with. My dog HATES posted pictures.. but he will ham it up when he is being a goon.

    Glad it was all merry for you!

  4. Awwww... great family photos :)