Sunday, December 4

'Tis the time for Christmas Cards!!!

If it were up to the resident caveman that I live with to send out cards, we never would. That's why I exist. For the 25 days of holiday cheer and to make sure we send love and merriment to those near, far, and deployed.

Thanks to the Post Office for the super speedy self-postage machine because I'm pretty sure I've spent more time fishing for a booger than actually buying stamps. Thanks UPSP station on C St.

There are bloggers on my Christmas card list (again) this year, because there's nothing better than getting something in the mail from a blogger whom you love seeing an overwhelming amount of bulldog pictures, from a blogger who claims to have an IV of vodka at all times, and a blogger who will INYO'FACE too much about how redheads are the best genetics to have because they're bitches and dying out.

It's slowly beginning to look a lot like least to the postman.


  1. Aww yay! I looove Christmas cards. And obviously we have impeccable taste because I purchased those same stamps. My ghetto post office though is making me put them on by hand. What jerks.

  2. Yours is stamped and headed your way this afternoon! It might take a while though, since it has to travel north via dogsled. But eventually it should arrive in CA...