Wednesday, July 30

Analyzing stress...

So this morning wook was scheduled for his flight physical, which was crunch time since it had to be completed by the end of the month. (lol, that's my boy).

Anyways, as the flight doctor was looking over his chart, he was asking questions to determine wook's mental health. As wook answered that he was in a long-distance relationship, the flight doc said that LDR's increase stress (or something to that effect; wook's a hard cookie to quote sometime with all that mumbling he does, lol).

So I got to thinking,...separation...stressful?

I would use the words: annoying, retarded, unnecessary, sleep depriving (which can be stressful, so I understand there), boredom inducing (it's like I don't want to go to the movies alone, gosh, lol).

But the definition of "stress" is: -noun 1. importance or significance attached to a thing

Well, holy crap then. I guess I am a reason to be stressful, after all, I'm quite important. :)

My apologies to the flight doc. I stand corrected.

But I still maintain it's not that bad being separated. Only the lonely nights, the drinking alone, the short 'n sweet webcams sessions, the mail-sent Valentine's packages, the slightly late birthday gift, the constant texting, the perusing of ticket prices, the dreaming of vacation days, the crying oneself to sleep, the renting of another boyfriend, the recalling of memories, toiling over pictures, retelling the stories of good times past.

So in other words: not a lot to focus on. ;)

(Miss ya baby)

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  1. and no nookie with the wookie. You forgot that one.