Sunday, July 13


As previously mentioned, this weekend was going to be fun as a group of adventure-loving Oregonians played around in the wilderness. Even though our trek started out a lil behind schedule, ahem Katie, lol, the water was still there when we arrived. Phew.
Seriously, these rocks were huge. And this is only a medium one. Crazy.

Although we didn't hike the originally planned trail, this was equally entertaining even though there were some scrapped shins, sopping sneakers, and one twisted knee, lol (ahem, Katie, again).

It was unanimous in the family that this was the best shot of the day. This was just one of the gorgeous tiers of water that made its way through the mountains.

An ode to that sexy, wildabeast of a man stationed in Florida. Collin says, "Majestic," wook. :)

After I traversed rocks large and small, got a sand burn on my toe, and drained my 100 oz. Camelbak, it was time to call it a day and head back into civilization. Now this tree may look small compared to everything else, but I assure it was 24" wide (and solid, thankfully), and probably 12 feet up from the river. No round off, back handspring, full layout with a double twist this time.

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