Saturday, July 5

The Life of Living Back with the 'Rents...

So living with the parents is...well...different. I mean it's nice that you're no longer fighting about going out with so-and-so, want a later curfew, or that ticket you got for speeding. But then now, my dad (in my case) makes delicious dinners, I do have my own room, and (up until lately) had a car to go out when I wanted.

But then there's the downside of living with your 'rents...

1.) My mother is retarded sometimes. I'll call her out, but to still no effect. My mom's allergic to sugar yet drinks her 16-oz-super-sweet-blended-coffee-drink. And she has the fixation that if she continually compares me to people who are married by saying "at least they're married" that I'll magically don a wedding ring and start hosting soirees in a cute dress and beehive.

2.) As an independent person living on her own, I'm used to doing laundry when I feel like it (i.e. when I run outta a certain type of clothing). Instead I have the constant supply of my parents, as well as the insane amount that 2 teenage girls create. I mean, I don't mind doing the 'rents since I do live without paying rent. But seriously sisters, just 'cuz you wore it for 4 hours doesn't mean it's dirty.

3.) I live with my parents, who live 3,000 miles away from wook. Not their fault, just...well, I guess...wook and I's problem. Oh well, it'll be over soon enough. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. That is if I don't kidnap him first into international waters.

4.) A standard closet with the one barre for clothes. I mean, that's crap. I can't fit anything in it compared to Oak Park. The plan was to put in an organizer a couple weeks ago, but since Hayley will be moving out come August...I'm planning on moving downstairs. Woohoo, more space, plus my own bathroom.

So I realize that it was my own choice to move home, and I enjoy it most of the time (thanks to my dad. He's rational, lol). I've thought about buying a place, but I don't think I'll be in Medford that long and the resell would just be a bitch. I would love to move out to my own place, but the upkeep would be more than I want to deal with, and I can save more money while living at home. And besides, my dad's a much better cook.

So for now I'll continue the "boomerang" lifestyle, until the wind takes me someplace else...hopefully east, and slightly south.

Besides, there's always gin and tonics with my dad to ease the pain. :)

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