Tuesday, July 15

Meet the newest addition to my family...

So after 3 hours of labor, some negotiating tactics, and some muscle cramps (in the hand), I was the proud owner of a new car. A sexy '06 Kia Spectra. Damn, like seriously sexy.

Crazily, and without any exterior give-away, she was my internal #1 choice. A serious upgrade from the Cruiser, she still maintains the heart of my late car with her own 5-speed transmission. Serious fun. She also brings to the mix power mirrors, a bloop-bloop (that's keyless entry for those who don't speak Ashley), A/C, power steering, 16" rims (although standard...for now...I just might need to upgrade to some real chrome), racing pedals (also standard, and sweet), and a spoiler (which I'm indifferent since I'm not Asian and driving like Tokyo Drift).

So without further adieu, meet this sexy, lil blue thing: Smurfette.

(Bitchin' name, I know!)

Doing my best emo take on Annie Lebowitz style, I think these shots fully encompass her soul as a sexy speedster.

Even though there were only a couple dirt marks, I made them wash it again, clean the inside, and top me off. Oh gosh, not like that. ;) You wish.

I can hear it now, "Sexy, can I? Just pardon my manners..."

So after almost 3 weeks of being without a real car, I now have something to fill the void left by Cruiser. It almost makes me want to post the pictures and video of Cruiser's final moments. But let's not sadden this moment of joy. Let's rejoice.

All hail that sexy lil thing that just begs to hug a curve and hit 75!


  1. Yay, I'm so excited for you! I will email soon. I have to finish my uber long list of adult crap before I can play anymore. poo.

  2. Oh, BTW my sign is Virgo, and my blood type is O+

  3. Adorable ride. By the way, I had to read Yellow Wallpaper last week for an english class, and I almost went nutty with little Janie there. Not cool. Creeping around like that...yeech.