Thursday, July 10

R.I.P. Cruiser

So this past Monday, at lunch, my beloved Cruiser was carted off with what little dignity she had left. My only complaint being that the car was carted off during my lunch hour, at time that I reserve for What Not to Wear reruns, a time I could hear the chains crank around her soul and drag her off to oblivion...okay Eugene to await her future at an unknown junk yard...but still oblivion of some sort. But my dad did have a good point, I'm technically an organ donor. :)

Now I'd normally post pictures of the awful event, as I tried this evening, but apparently Blogger was busy with other pictures as it couldn't handle the 2 pictures and 1 video of Cruiser's final moments.

Now I know everyone is heartbroken over her passing, I thank you for your kind thoughts, but I assure you I'm healing over the prospects of finding a new love. And I know that you can't replace a family member with another version of its itself. That's why I'm not looking at another Rio. I did test drive one, but it's just not the same. Nothing can replace her.

So while I continue my pursuit for a new set of wheels, offer good luck, great wishes, and low monthly payments for the start of a new relationship that will hopefully go on for years and years. Until I can benefit others again through organ donation. ;)

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  1. I'm sorry my dear. I will email as soon as my children are no longer sick zombie children trying to feed off of my aura. And after I've had at least four hours of sleep all in one night.