Friday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!

Yay for my second favorite holiday. Maybe it's because then all my Navy flair actually has its purpose and fitting nostalgia. Or maybe it's because I loove men in uniform (the ladies look good too, they just don't get my blood pumping).

In honor of our fabulous nation...

So this was our trip to D.C. about 3 years ago. Ya, the sisters definitely complained about the amount of walking to be had in D.C.

Awww, the parents in front of some building. Yes, Sarah, I realize it has a name. But I a.) don't do politics, and b.) don't do politics. So ya, for now it's the building with dome that looks like a boob.

Trac and I being retarded in the National Cemetary. Yes, not very respectful, but where we there weren't any soldiers. That was a good day.

The kids atop a lion that was super close to the Iwo Jima memorial. Ya, I had to puuull teeth to get everybody but my dad to go. "It's so far to walk. It's not on our way." Ya, my dad and I are planning a vacation without the whiners.

And the catchphrase of this adventure was from my mother, "I had to wait over 50 years to see this." Yes, I'm glad you can do math to count your age. But really, shooosh. I'm over hearing about all the places you wanna go to.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Go Navy, Beat Army!

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  1. That building... Yes, its THE CAPITOL building. I don't know all of the names of them, but that is definitely one you should know. Silly girl.