Saturday, July 26

Oh the outrage!

So last night my dad's buddy, Myron (who I've met before), was pit-stopping in Medford as he, his wife, and son moved said son to Oakland for his new job. (Medford is the place to stop before California, lol).

Anyways, his parents asked how I was, how life's been after graduating, how's work, etc.

Well as usual, I'm great. :) Life's okay. Could be better, lol. Do I miss college? Yes, parts. Reading?, depends on the book. Writing papers?, again, depends on the material. Living oh-so-close to friends?, yes! Working, in general, sucks. My disliking of the working world, having to put in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to make money that will fund my traveling just stinks. I swear, my sugar daddy needs to hurry up and arrive. Good thing I've stumbled upon a job I love...for the most part. It's real estate, which causes people to tense up...which causes me to tense 'cuz things need to be done "ASAP!!!" lol. Don't worry, I don't sell the property. I'm the office manager. :)

Anyways, Myron's son informed us the latest idiotic fees to the Oregon State University education program: $10/student ticket!

It's rough enough to sponsor the money for the alcohol to consume before the game, but now kids have to spring $10 each home game! Oh man! I'm soooo glad I'm outta there. That's rough. It's not $5, which could be doable. What a bunch of douche monkeys. Seriously.

But back to the funny part of the story. :)

His son was suuuper excited to be starting a job, moving to a bit city, the "oh the possibilities" theory. And then he realized, it's really not all that it's cracked up to be. College is cozy. I definitely should have changed my major more, lol. I mean work can be great. I definitely looooved today as I got to play accountant and balance out the 401(k) accounts. Super fun. So he proceeded to start pounding drinks, saying, "I've got one week left. I gotta get as much freedom in as I can."

Well glad I could be the bearer of real life news.

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  1. Oh, well that means that they probably raised the price of the other tickets also. Guess we're going to have to sell one of the boys in order to take our vacation to a home civil war.