Sunday, July 20

Crisis Averted :)

So as the previous post said, my phone has kaputz. It's true. I swear, the running joke in the family is what else can break in my life? Hopefully not a bone, 'cuz I don't do casts. Unless someone teachs me to crawl in my dorm room and we apply rinestones all over. ;)

So try and follow this one...

So my dad has 2 phones (2 exact ones), one he uses, the other is kept in his work bag with a full battery for emergencies. Well low and behold, the battery in his 2 phones is the same battery in my phone. What broke on my phone is the charger input. Let's thing of this in reproductive terms. My phone's cervix is broken. No charge can get in (unlike my mom's phone's cervix which totally allows the charger penis to make a "baby" (read: full battery). Everyone still together? lol!

Anyways, I now am running my phone off the battery of my dad's spare phone while he charges my dead battery in his extra phone. Get it?

We'll just swap out the batteries until the new arrival shows up.

And really, I could have gone without the reproductive comparison, but what fun would that have been?

So I'm back connected with life. I swear those 18 hours separated were torturous. Wook thought something may have happened since our ritual is for me to tell him, "good morning" when I wake up. But Search and Rescue wasn't called, so he must have some faith in my ability to scale mountains and dig myself outta quick sand.

But alas, I have textage. Feel free to entertain me. It's been awhile, lol.

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