Sunday, July 20

Incommunicado...Muy Sucko

So the undesireable has cell phone has *kaputz*.

So I've tried to plug it in the charger, but somehow the charger penis doesn't connect with my phone's vagina. The weird thing is that the charger's penis totally connects with my mom's phone's vagina. It must be trying to break up with me, but I just wasn't getting the message (get it? the message, hehe).

So after my dad was able to get thru to the dense AT&T caller-person (since he's the account holder), the new phone is being shipped my direction. Yay.

Just know that it's not that I'm ignoring everyone, I mean, I've totally found better friends, jk, lol, just know that my phone was the bitch who gave out and not me. I feel very pioneer-ish. I wish I could string 2 cans between windows and chat, but I don't have the money to invest in 3,000 miles of string to talk to wook.

Besides I need to focus my efforts on his darn birthday gift.

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