Thursday, July 31

Crisis!...1984 style!

So a crisis struck work today, and I caught me completely untrained and unexpecting.

The typewriter ran out of ribbon!

Realizing, 'oh crap, I have to fix this,' I start scouring the shelves for a replacement. I start pulling boxes that look like they were made when Larry Bird was still a Celtic. Good lord, I can't believe they still have this stuff still.

So then I continue to stare at the machine hoping I will gain insight in how to even open the thing. It's not a far stretch to think that my big eyes have some ESP-like powers.

Thankfully for everyone else in the office, I'm the only child of the 80's.

So after 5 more minutes, I had the ribbon changed and was back to producing the document. (Ya, somethings still aren't in electronic format. But it's okay, I just put up a side ponytail and rock out to early Madonna).

After I had all my work done for the day, I started researching ways to recycle the old technology.

They'll be using soy-based inks when I'm done with them.

Okay, maybe not. But at least there'll be a paper recycling bin. :)

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  1. WTF mate?!?! You have all this talk about how many things you're going to post, and then its silencio on your blog. Whatsup? Still stammering over Mr. Hottie. (get the double entendre?)