Saturday, July 12

Oregon = hiking country

So as a native Oregonian, I happen to love the fact that the mountains are right out my window. And I realize that Medford isn't glamourous like Portland, but thankfully it boasts some great outdoors. And I realize that this post doesn't do our state justice, but that's why blogs can have more than one post. :)

For those who aren't currently living in the PacNW...I'm sorry. Maybe some pictures will entertain you.

Can you tell I'm super excited to get up to my old firefighting terrain? Hello Tiller Ranger District. :) (BTW, does my neck look super skinny?)

Stacey Wilt and I chillin' my the river. The water felt sooo good. And doesn't my new bag just look fabulous. Yes, I realize real lesbians don't care about fashion, but that's why I'm only a half lesbian. Only when I need to be a fill-in husband for military wives.

Tomorrow is equally exciting as Collin and Katie are coming out on our next adventure. Mill Creek. It's a 5-6 mile hike along the Rogue before it hits Lost Creek Lake. Should be a nice day to get out and enjoy the wilderness. Post to come!

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  1. ach. I wish I could have been there. The mountains here don't even make your ears pop. Oh, and yes your neck looks skinny.