Wednesday, August 13

All aboard the bandwagon...

So this past weekend, amidst the discussion of the good ol' times, lesbian adventures, and Family Guy, the topic came up of the modern work force: the coffee bandwagon.

Now I'm not talking "orange mocha frappechino." I'm talking the pre-ground-Folgers-can coffee, straight outta the drip system. The epitome of the breakroom.

Collin admits to partaking in a few cups during times of intense overtime. When coming in early and leaving late leaves one, well, pooped. It's only understandable that a liquid pick-me-up is a necessity.

I, however, have pretty much converted.

In the past, I used to be a "12 ounce chai, extra hot, no foam" kind-of-girl. Back in the days of intellectual discussion of literary theories, malevolent English professors, and 'who's dating who now?' It was the chicest thing next to my pashminas from Ross and $27 dollar textbook bill. But since the slight deterioration of the economy, I've opted to nix drive-thru coffee stand behavior to better fuel my need for brown mascara, shoes, and manicures. :)

Unfortunately now I'm a "get into the office, drop off the purse at my desk, unlock the back door, start the coffee drip" kind-of-girl. I check my voicemail, smell the aroma, and go immediately back for my cup. And when I say "my" cup, I mean the cup I've adopted as the cleanest, cutest, girliest cup there is: 90's floral.

I now can't function without a cup of coffee (that's been heavily doctored by hot chocolate powder) each morning. It's equivalent to Andy Mew not having a drink poured by 4:46 (that's his official 5:00). But a.) it's free, b.) a cup of coffee a day has medicinal benefits, and c.) I now need it to wake up as I go to bed later since wook goes to bed later, which causes me to get less sleep. (After all my effort in college to get him to go to bed earlier, it still hasn't worked and now I'm the one effected. And I'm 3,000 miles away! Somethings I just don't get.)

So as much as I miss saying, "I don't do coffee," I'm now realizing my true potential as a stuck-up Pacific Northwesterner. There's just something about the clean air, actual mountains, and unneed for umbrellas that make us badasses.

So I'm embracing the coffee movement. *hug*


  1. 27 dollar text book bill???? WTF? I mean seriously? WTF!?!?! How the hell did you pull that off?

  2. Lol, it's called being an English major. Do you know how much novels cost? I think the Scarlet Letter was like $3.50.

    Ya, shwing!