Wednesday, August 27

Ein klein dunkelweiss...bitte!

So last Thursday evening was a blast. Oh, 'why?' you ask.

*Deep breath*

So snaked through the Rogue Valley via email, we got an invite to attend a German restaurant that was going to be featured on the Travel Channel. Yes, the Travel Channel. Like the one that hosts Samantha Brown! Nuts. Oh wait, the catch. This restaurant wasn't actually opened yet, and the email was requesting people to come make the restaurant look like it was actually a functioning location. Sneaky, sneaky.

So like any Samantha Brown stalker, I went. :)

Unfortunately she wasn't there. It was really cool watching them film this lil blonde dude walk around like he owns the place. Now I know how people feel when Giada DeLaurentiis, Rachel Ray, and Alton Brown come terrorize their city. (Okay, so I wouldn't care if Giada or Alton came into town. Rachel...umm, I'll pass.)

The only bad thing was that the beer wasn't Paulaner, the glasses weren't litres, and there weren't any hot German soccer players. Oh well, I can't win them all. But the food was really good. Yes, Kerby, I actually ate the bratwurst that was for dinner. It wasn't too bad. It was actually far better than the currywurst in Berlin. Far better. But then again, cat food is probably better than currywurst, lol.

The kicker was the 3 boys in their lederhosen. So cute. It kinda makes me wanna be German. Oh wait, naaaaah. Redheads are waaaay cooler. Why you ask? Cuz we're pale, we can play connect the dots with our freckles, and we're a dying breed. What else could ya ask for? :)

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