Friday, August 8

Military Separation 101

Although I seem to disappear (i.e. fail to post faithfully), I've yet to fall off the face of the Earth. For reals, at least. I'm just trying my best to make time apart pass as quick as possible. My adopted motto, "Time don't pass pickin' your ass," is quite fitting for the militarily separated periods. Basically, it sucks.

This is not an invitation to a pity party. I just get so wrapped up with being busy that I forget to let everyone know the fun I'm having. I love getting out in Oregon because it's one of my favorite things ever. I'm even planning on going back to Lake of the Woods again in a couple weeks. My August weekends were literally booked before the month even began. I love that I can't sit still. Hopefully this'll make time move, while still being thoroughly entertaining, and November 16th can't come soon enough.

While I did sign up for the Navy lifestyle, I thought it'd be a lil different. I wasn't expecting flight school. I wasn't expecting 7+ month separations. But as wook says, "Semper Gumby." Always flexible. And he's the King of Going with the Flow in Life, so I've gotten plenty of practice.

And good thing I'm still stuck in the "damn, he looks good in uniform" phase so I'll get over it soon enough, lol. Besides, we both need someone to spend our money on, so why not each other.

So my plans are to fly back in November for a week. I figured our anniversary was a good enough reason. As wook says, "our relationship is starting kindergarten."

I love that boy.

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