Wednesday, August 20

Sasquatch sighting...

Okay, so maybe not exactly a sighting, but a texting yes.

As customary, each morning I text "good morning handsome" to that cute man of mine. It's usually returned with a "good morning," because a.) men aren't huge talkers, b.) wook's probably busy, and c.) I haven't harassed him with more texts that contain lots of questions so he has to respond to me, lol.

Anyways, to get to the good stuff and the explanation of why wook's gone slightly MIA, he's been flying since Monday (even twice a day). Intense. Obviously prepping for a flight takes time, I can't imagine prepping for two. Plus, he's got a text-happy girlfriend who needs attention too (as much attention as 3,000 miles apart can get). And also, he needs sleep. Face it. Wookie without sleep = grumpy wookie. Grumpy wookie + pot of coffee = Awake, but grumpy wookie. (I think you get it now, lol. Hi baby! *muah*)

So now as the clock hits 8:00am, I know I have to get things together to bounce out the door to work.

And thanks again Olympics, it'll probably be a 2-cup day. Ugh.

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