Wednesday, August 27

Happy Birthday T-Baby!

So I know it's a lil late, but it's better than never....right? Anyways, last Wednesday was Tracy's first day as no longer a teenager. Woohoo! (Of if you're Hayley, you think it's actually her 19th again, lol). So in her honor, we went out to dinner and then did presents back at home.

At the restaurant, Roadhouse Grill, or "RoadKill Grill," where they put a coffee filter on your head and give ya some free ice cream. They did sing a gay lil tune, but nothing like Red Robin. And as usual, a photo op from Tracy. :)

She got some clothes from friends, and some houseware from the family. Gotta love the college lifestyle when it's more than candles, bath salts, and flippin' lotions. I personally loved my choice of lime green napkin holders. So fabulous! I mean how hot with black napkins.

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