Tuesday, August 26

Not another one...

So it happened again. It started around 2:00 pm. A slight twinge in my head. Sometimes I can fight off a headache by pounding the water, and it'll go away. Not this one. It's another migraine.

I had one a couple months ago that was awwwwful. I mean, not only the stereotypical nauseasness (sp?), aversion to bright lights and loud noises. When I went to lay down, I got the spins. Like the drunk spins. But these were far worse. At least when you're trashed on the bathroom floor with the spins, the alcohol will be kind enough to pass your ass out, lol.

I had to attempt to sleep in the 'curled up in the corner' position.

My second mommy, Sarah, told me to hop in the shower and down a Coke/Pepsi. Holy crap. That worked. Amazing. Although calling her when I'm about ready to cry 'cuz it sucks so much wasn't my smartest move. I should have done it earlier. The maybe I wouldn't have been forced to smell the inside of a toilet. (I swear, you can clean a toilet bowl daily, but it'll still smell like rotten feet).

So at least this one wasn't that bad. I did hop into the tub and choke down a Diet Pepsi (no, no rum). Oh ya, and managed to fall asleep...in the tub. And we've been able to figure out that the barometric pressure induces my migraines. Oh boy. So if this crap continues by living in the 'banana belt' of Medford, I'm going to either look for some knock-out drugs or have to move. Me no likey. So hopefully there won't be any issue today as the storm has passed and left blue skies. But we'll see.

I only got one migraine in Corvallis during my entire college career (a huge storm came in), and one in Florida while I was there for a couple months last fall (again, a freakin' tornado hit the town). I can deal with phenomena like that. But a lil rain storm that barrels into Medford and knocks me on my ass...might have to reconsider the living arrangement.

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