Thursday, August 21

Just a heads up...

So I'm just going to ramble here...

a.) I stayed up until 11:00pm PST to watch May and Walsh take home gold...again. It was a great match. China was a good team. But when the heat was cooking on the US side of the court, China fell apart. Nice work ladies.

So as you guessed, there's going to be some coffee drinking today. :)

b.) I'm not sure, co-commentator, you may have assist me, but as far as I know, there's nothing that I'm dying to watch tonight on the Olympic circuit. Shocking, yes. But I do need my sleep. It's been too long. So don't be surprised if I'm out by like 8:30. :)

Which moves me along to #3. ;)

c.) I'm headed back out to Lake of the Woods this weekend, along with my trusted mountain bike (and helmet, of course. If I remember to bring it, lol). So don't be offended when you don't hear from me for some days. I've either not returned yet, or ran away with a Sasquatch of a different color. (Translation: I'm losing it. Where's my coffee?)

So there you have it. Bloggeratzis, I'll post my adventures from this weekend as soon as I regain my missing sanity from going to bed at midnight last night. I swear, I'm getting to old for this.

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  1. Love you! My blog will most likely silent until after labor day. Silly in-laws...