Wednesday, August 27

Fish on!

So this past weekend was another weekend spent up at the gorgeous Lake of the Woods. Everyone in my office knew I was getting outta town for the weekend, so thankfully no one stopped me with extra work. Although I didn't leave by my 6pm deadline, I got out by 6:11, and was up there by 6:58. And that's even after getting stuck behind a freakin' California minivan. Grrr!!

So once I got to the dock, I grabbed my gear and hit the boat. Thankfully our dock boy, Riley, was nice enough to not leave my behind because I was behind his schedule of, "Boat leaves at 6:30," lol. And the amazing thing was about 45 minutes after we got out on the lake, I landed a fish on! Even though we didn't have a net, a killing tool, or a cooler, we still managed to keep it. Oh, "how?" you ask. By grabbing it (well, actually Riley grabbed it). He then thwacked the hell out of it with a bug spray can. Slightly nauseating, but glad my bug spray came in handy more ways than one. So once we put it into the fishy coma (without reverse drowning it, lol), I had a commemorative picture taken...on a cell phone. I think the only reason I caught it was because we didn't have a camera. The other trips were jinxed because I brought my camera then.

The beauty and serenity of the lake at 6:30 am. I just love Oregon, and the trees, and the water. I mean, half the fun of fishing is just sitting there. It's a nice way to enjoy and become one with nature. And I've definitely become one with nature for everyone else who isn't living in Oregon. Hey, I gotta look after my own!

If kickin' it in a boat, with PowerBait on the hook, and a good friend doesn't make life fabulous...I don't know what is. Thankfully it wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. Eitherway, I still wrapped my lower half with a shotty electric blanket. And even though there weren't any solid bites, it still was a successful trip in my book.

And if Stacey can't make the day any better, her "napping" in the boat at least makes me giggle. And just to set the record straight, she didn't actually nap. And this was far after the fishing occured. It was just a hilarious shot, her all cocoon-ed up on the life vests. Oh Stacey, you make me giggle (and you make my meat tough. Ya, that's what she said).

The whole weekend was an absolute blast. We went biking (kind of, lol), jet skiing (oh my crotch!), and drinking (oh my liver!). The dock boys were a riot. Who can't love good ol' fashion country boys? The sleeping was great, as I love my -15 degree mummy bag. The s'mores were awesome, both at night and for breakfast. I definitely could get used to living up there. Oh wait, did I not tell you? Lol, I was offered the chance to work up there next year. Crazy! I could get used to living there. Oh wait, I've done that before. It's called a fire crew. And I could definitely do that again.

And the best part was staying Sunday afternoon and evening, and waking up early Monday morning at 5:00am to come home. I definitely loved staying the extra night, even if the wake-up call was a bit earlier. The funny part was going to work with my car still full of my gear. Ya, I didn't wanna give up my weekend to work. It definitely screams that I love my weekends. :)

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