Thursday, August 14

Snip, snip...

So, somehow I dug deep to find the balls that I thought I lost. I kinda got queasy over the day knowing that the appointment was pending and that my mother is les than thrilled whenever a hair falls out. It's nerve wracking going to the salon; minus the devine part of the shampoo. I had a vision that I had to convey, perfectly, or it was going to come up looking like the "Posh," "Suri," or "Rihanna." Ick.

Although it wasn't what I had in mind, it's even better than I imagined. Take Rachel Green, Season 7, mix it with a lil Tiffani Amber Theisen, post Saved by the Bell, and throw in some contemporary-ness....and voila! New 'do for Rashley (that was for you, Kerb, lol).

This is my ' I miss my handsome, let's move through flight school quicker' face.

Loooving the lil flip on the bottom with the rounded top part. Say what you will, I love it!

Cleavage shot just for Sarah. :)

Angsty teen, in her room, after her mom gave her a look of disgust.

So overall, quite a good experience. The hair stylist, Sarah Neff, did another great job. She does so well with my retarded descriptions and comes out on top. Yay!

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  1. You're so pretty. I'm sorry your mommy is not thrilled. Love the cleavage shot!