Friday, August 8

Lake of the Woods

Ah, the weekend. Something I live for now being a young professional. And what better way to spend my weekend than nestled in the wilderness. I adore nature. There's just something about the PacNW that the rest of the country doesn't have anything on. Okay, maybe not Alaska, lol.

So what happens when you put two girls in the bar for a couple rounds and then send them back to their campsite to put up the tent in the dark? Well, this. :)

I will counter by saying that this was a borrowed tent, so we had zero idea how to put it up. But we decided to sit by the fire till the "happiness" wore off and we could get things put together properly. I'm a complete advocate of having a nightcap while camping. Booze = assumed bodily warmth = easy to slip into sleep.

This is my favorite shot of the lake. I'm not saying I'm a photographer at all. I just think that it encorporates everything that makes Oregon gorgeous. The trees, the mountains, the movement of the lake. Beauty. Feel free to drool. :)

This is another lagoon-type body of water that was an off-shoot of the lake. Just thought it looked cool from ground level. That ground cover was dabbled all over which just made the forest look really lush.

And finally what would a camping adventure be without a run-in with nature:

This is me as Jane Goodall of the Chipmunks.

Apparently this lil guy is a friendly pet of the resort owners/managers (my friend's Aunt and Uncle, whom let us camp out in their psuedo front yard. Thank you!). As you can tell he wasn't shy about running up to you asking, "What's up, got more peanuts?"

And I'm not really sorry if you're offended by my Beaver sweatshirt, cap, and ponytail. I'm camping. I haven't showered in 2+ days. I'm not there to pick up guys, just chipmunks, lol.

But the first thing I did when I got home was shower.

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