Thursday, August 28

This shouldn't ever happen...

I've completely exhausted all my online resources of entertainment. I've checked every blog, website, network forum, and am at a complete loss of what to do now in cyberspace. This is weird. What do I do now?

I realize I should have a book started that can entertain me. I don't have one at this time. I have to feel the need or be called to a book. It's just something that I've acquired as former English major who was forced to read...well...sometimes less than quality works. I've come now to desire energy in life in order to better assist in making choices. And unfortunately I haven't been called to any books at the metaphysical library lately. I did find books on blood type health that were highly intriguing. Definitely made me think a little.

I think that I'll head to Target or Fred Meyer to look for a wine box to put the wedding gift in for this weekend's wedding. Marilyn is joining the ranks of a Marine wife this weekend, and it should be a fabulous event. I expect full uniform, sword arch, and array of alcohol. I mean, what would a Marine wedding be dry? Unheard of, that's what.

And as usual, I'm not packed for this weekend...yet. I should get on that. In fact, that might be my motivation to do that now and not go out looking for the wine box. After all, it's creeping up on my bedtime. I swear, I'm 65 sometimes. I love going to bed at like 9pm. Cuz then I get a happy 9 hours of sleep and feel like a million bucks. Now I realize some readers have kids, some have deploying husbands, some have homework, and some have...well...nothing to entertain them...except for a damn blog.

Oh, how sad. I swear. Now's the time to drink. But I won't. Okay, off the couch to clean and pack.

Corvallis, here I come tomorrow. Yay!

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