Monday, October 6

AARP, yes, I'd like my free catalog...

As Sarah put it so gracefully, yes, indeed, it is my birthday. Thrilled?, excited? Another day...pretty much.

25 just solidifies I'm officially halfway to 30. Yikes! It also reminds me that I'm no longer in college. :( And what's a birthday without birthday spankings? Well, not exciting, that's what. So, basically, it's a dreary day in Ashleyland. But to everyone out there who wants to play along, I'm more than willing to accept virtual spanks. ;) Yay!

I do wish I didn't have to go to work today. That'd be nice. I'd probably do some laundry, clean my room some more, continuing organizing my storage unit. I'd be like a free day to do whatever I wanted. But alas, that is not what my day is about. It's about, "Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam," and working 8 hours today. Too bad personal birthdays can't be personal holidays with mandatory time off. That'd be shweet.

Oh well, I do have to save up as much as I can for the Christmas season. I so hope I can head back East to visit that jet jockey of mine. As he says, "Well, looks like I'll be putting warheads on foreheads." Seriously, where do you learn those sayings? Has someone been drinking the majic juice? 'Cuz I'd like some.

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