Thursday, October 16

There may be a point to all this...

So somewhere between my birthday and Monday, well actually this past weekend, I felt the need to get my ass into gear. Lately I've been idling, slightly bored, just kinda going through the motions with life. Not really taking it by the horns, but more of merely existing time away until I get to see wook next. Well...somehow, I got the great idea to try running. I figure, if I'm tall, have long legs, slightly look like I could be a runner (minus the chicharonnes I have), well...I'll call the kettle black even if it thinks it's a teapot.

While I'm not one for the torturous idea of a marathon like this one lady I know on the East Coast (I had my fun on Hood to Coast. 197 miles total, split between 2 vans, 18 of those miles being my own on 3 different legs, second leg being 7.5 "very hard." Curtain call, that was nice), I figure if I ever move away from my beloved yogi Danielle at my gym I'll need an alternative form of exercise. Alternative, and far cheaper than a monthly membership.

So Stacey and I have pounded the pavement twice together, she runs on Tuesday and Thursday while I "oohhhmmmmmmm" my way through flows, poses, and relaxation. But so far, so good. It's by far better to have someone to run with because there's conversation and someone to laugh at you when you don't see the dip in the road and almost fall. Plus there's someone to sing the "It's the Final Countdown" as you both charge up the hill. Complete entertainment, and a workout. Who would have known?

And plus, running at night, which is what I prefer, tuckers me out just enough to where I flop into bed and am unconscious in mere minutes. Who needs a vodka tonic when I can just run myself tired? Well, I mean, I'd still raise my hand, but then again, gaining calories vs. burning them. I'll take the run right now. Besides, it's football season still. I do have the occasional beer during game day. Okay, more like 2 or 3. But that's usually the heaviest of my drinking schedule. At home, I'm pretty Mormon. Not perfect, because I do like my cursing when I can't find things or this boy falls asleep early so he doesn't pick up the phone when I call him so I can open my birthday present from him. Things like that.

And I'm kinda bummed I don't get to run tonight. I was kinda in the mood all day. But why get ahead of myself. I'll need the energy to run on a Friday night, since I won't be working the streets looking for a Medford sea urchin to pick up.

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