Thursday, October 16

Welcome to the $100 Jean Club...

So I've always had this stance about searching for budgeted purchases, whether it's amazing finds on the sale rack, clearance rack, or just a faaaabulous find at regular price. When the question rolls around about pricetags that I seem a bit high, I seem to always state, "that shit better do my laundry." Because if I'd actually pay $300 for a pair of jeans, it better come with diamonds, a personal masseuse, or a plane ticket to see wook.

But because I'm usually a stickler for prices, I do my own laundry.

So during my trek of finding jeans that fit my lengthy gams, I've had many misses, baren ankles, mom butts, and sticker shock. I never knew the amount of jean style, sizes, prices, etc. that existed. That is until I made it my civic duty to find jeans that worked.

JCPenney: nope. GAP: not even close (which did surprise me, even with their "tall" jeans they were too short). Macy's: more mombutt than 25-year-old militarily single girl. Buckle: holy crap, that shit better do my laundry.

Or so I thought.

I wanted to at least rest the rumor that Buckle had the longest jeans in the area. Now I knew the price tag would be higher than I would like, but I figured trying doesn't hurt. So I humored the girl who became my personal slave (face it, with retail sales wanting to find jeans and actually out to spend money made me feel like the Queen of the Nile...minus the suicide by snake). As much as I hate to admit how comfortable the $96 jeans were, they were faabulous. And possibly an inch too 3" heels. Amazing. Insane. Unbelievable. Purchased.

That's right. I went ahead and got them. And a $72 pair. Ya, that's right. I splurged.

Now I figured that a.) just because I bought them, doesn't mean I'm married to them, b.) I can return them if my mirror isn't a "skinny mirror" like they have in the store and I really look like a sausage, c.) they're better than the ones I picked up at Macy's because I felt like life wasn't giving me the lemons I wanted. So ya, this weekend will be filled with trying on, lounging around the house, testing the stretchiness of them, and all that available fun that comes with the "am I sure I made the right move" with some pricey jeans.

Oh, and I'll still be doing my own laundry this weekend. Boo.


  1. lol, nice. I'm embarking on an "eat less" plan. Gotta lose those five lbs. I thought I had already lost! Then once I do maybe a fabulous pair of jeans purchase will be in my future!

  2. Nothings says "I look sexy" like a pair of jeans from Costco for $22.50.