Wednesday, October 29

Assemblage begins...

So with the tick tock of the Halloween clock creeping up on me, it's getting to be crunch time to assemble my darn costume. Next time, I'm going as an underwear model. Gosh. Okay, maybe not really. It depends on the weather. But let's just say I'm glad I'll have a real elaborate costume after this year is over. All because I wanted to wear/own a pair of wings.

This is the before shot of the fateful shoes. I had this pair of boots which I planned on wearing. But because I'm still in storage with most of my adult possessions, including some fantastic purses I discovered while trying to find the boots, I called it a loss when I couldn't find them after 10 minutes of looking. Now I know what you're thinking, but you gave up so easily. Yes, I did. Because I'm not all that certain I still own them. I like to think I do. But I do give up items to Goodwill if they've sat around unused for long enough. It's an attempt to break the packrat syndrome in my mother's half of the gene pool.

Phase One completed. I've hot glued about 20 leaves all over the shoe to make it look like I stepped right out of the woods. I think it looks cool. I really don't care what you think. They were going to Goodwill before they found a second home as the crappy shoes I'll destroy for the sake of a Woodland Nymph costume. I seriously hope things come together as they should.

Phase Two completed. They look awesome, by the way. Pure genius. I just hope they don't fall apart too easily. But then again, that's asking a lot for an hour and a half's worth of work.

And tomorrow should mark the completion of the entire ensemble. The skirt's leaves/teardrop shapes have been cut out and pinned around a piece of elastic. Just have to sew the bad boy together. However, the bra still needs to be tackled. But how hard is it to baste some fabric around the exterior of a bra to make it look more like the rest of the costume? Shouldn't be too bad.

And I do need to pound the pavement extra hard, throwing in sit-ups galore to help bring the costume all together. Can we make it, people? Yes!

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  1. Ok, are you alive? Where are halloween pics? How is life???? Call met at lunchola.