Tuesday, October 7

Happy Birthday to Me!

So this day has done a complete 179 (ya, 180 was just too obvious). Yay!

So I woke up this morning with what-I-thought was a bug. No, not a bug up my butt. But a bug, as in I-feel-like-I'm-coming-down-with-something bug. So there goes the pill and vitamin poppin' like Prozac and Viagra. Shwing!

So for most of the morning and afternoon my head was in a complete fog. Huh, what, okay...was how I felt. First off, I feel that birthdays should be considered personal holidays and thus not meant to work. But that doesn't work in the real world. And b.) all I really wanted for my birthday was a big hug from that boy I happen to like who's 2 time zones away. Again. Not going to happen. So I went about my day the best I could, sipping my Emergen-C and swallowing vitamins like they were going out of style. I don't do sick, and I hate dealing with sickness. Although colds are kinda like diets since you can lose weight in the process. Loves it.

And unlike Michael Scott who throws parties before their actual birthdays, I didn't get any sort of attention at work. Which I'm okay with. I did get birthday wishes which was all a girl could ask for as her head swarmed with wayyy to much medicine. Go big, or go home I say. :)

So as I got off work, the day got even better. I had two things waiting on my doorstep. Double yay! Sarah's gift had miraculously arrived on time for the big day, and definitely started the night out right. She got me this alcoholic popsicle maker. "Sa-weet!" (as she says). And this lil girl who grows grass/hair out of her head. Oh ya, she'll definitely be a blog post addition. And a "grow your own party" where you put the things in water and they swell to super duper size. Ya, now that I think about it....it's all going to become a blog post. :)

And the icing on the cake of the birthday was "Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam." Stacey pulls out a diving catch from right field to feature non-other than Jim Halpert on my birthday. The girl loaded up on The Office gear for me to continue my droolfest for that sexy paper salesman. Okay, he's not as sexy as wook...but dang, still oh-so-cute. I now have post-it's that say, "That's what she said."...magnets that talk about the Dundies, Office Olympics, Bore-ientations, etc. Amazing. I'll have to take pictures so my fellow Office watchers can revel. Ah, Jim...I will sleep well tonight.

And on that note, I was treated out to a glass of wine at a local wine bar by Stacey. It was the perfect ending to a day that progressively got better. Thankfully. Ashley doesn't like crappy birthdays. Or crappy day-after birthdays, lol. Yay for one drink, and now I'll get my 8 hours of sleep. I know, you're jealous. It's okay though. It's not like it keeps me up at night. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! *spanks*


  1. what? No mention of that supersized card? I'm saddened. It was my favorite find!

  2. lol, as cool as the card was i believe it might have been surpassed by the awesome popsicles and Sa-Sa-Sarah (that's my version of the Chi-Chi-Chia, lol).

    but alas, what a badass card. ;)