Thursday, October 23

Oh the ranting...

So today was a day that just tested my patience and desire to just deal with crap.

I got home from work today and had some time to kill before my nail appointment, so I figured I'd pour myself a heaping bowl of Cheerios. Mmmmm, delicious. Well as I put the milk back into fridge after filling my bowl up the proper amount, I went to the silverware drawer....and stared a tray that lacked both big spoons and lil spoons. Seriously, what twisted alternate universe doesn't have any spoons when my cereal is ready to be eaten? So in midst of knowing my Cheerios were getting soggified, I reached for the most similarly shaped item: a serving spoon. Although slightly bigger than normal, I was still able to fit my mouth over it. Impressed? Slightly. Disgusted? About the same.

I don't know how, but somehow my left ear has developed a couple of soap zits (I don't know what else to call them. Soap has built up in the inner part of my ear [not the canal, but the foldy part], and has become a fun lil game of, "oww, that'd tender, what the heck?"). So thankfully my mom's a chimp and enjoys picking at people/things. But seriously. How does soap get in there? I hate the feeling of any liquid in my ears. I think that's why I don't like swimming. My ears are for hearing, tucking my hair behind, and tuning out my mother. Not for soap to build up in.

Another key rant that I've always had a passion for is: old people + driving. There should be some sort of testing beyond a certain age to make sure that Gramps over there won't go 10 under the bloody speed limit and I don't lose my mind/voice while I scream at his stupid land yacht. There's nothing worse than stupidity behind the wheel. At least he wasn't Asian.

So I know that some people believe reading into the stars and astrology is slighlty cooky. I can agree, except for when things are really spelled out and it makes oooo-so-much sense about why I am the way I am. Anyways, I read a couple weeks ago that during October I had this huge project that just had to be done by the 29th. Well that huge project is getting my queen bed out of storage and having a room to call my own (of things that are my own). So far I've been sleeping in a full sized bed, which granted is better than a twin, but it still lacks the length in bedding needed for my feet not to hang off. My determination has progressed tenfold since this weekend when I kicked over a stinking table that was at the foot of my bed. Well my mom says I should have been sleeping diagonal. I was.

Hopefully tomorrow gets better. The Office will be on, so at least I have that to look forward to. And I might get to chat with wook a bit. That'll be nice. All I have to tell myself is that it's almost Friday.

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  1. I don't think the horoscope thing is weird. I just looked mine up today, and since I hadn't really thought about it lately, I was depressed to remember that my ruling planet isn't a planet anymore. Where does that leave me? I feel so lost and alone.