Tuesday, October 21

My dad = AWESOME!

So last, last weekend, my fajah, majah, and I headed north for the semi-weekly pilgrimage of Beaver Nation. We're quasi nuts for the ol' Black and Orange, and so waking up at 0600 or so on a game day is pretty standard. I'm seeking therapy for this. It usually comes in a 6 pack.

Anyways, because I'm never a fan of waking up early, especially on a weekend, in which I don't get paid, I was thrilled to be oh-so-entertained by the man who gave me half his genetic coding.

He's a big fan of country. It's his go-to tune-age for any and all drive time around the area (which counts for both game days and when he gets called for a job). I was able to quietly whip out my camera to catch the next minute of pure enjoyment as my dad serenades my mom, complete with singing into a banana, rocking out on guitar, and jammin' on the keyboard.

Warning: The keyboarding is hysterical. Enjoy!

As you see, he finally notices me in the back playing paparazzi as he looks in the mirror.

Tank of gas: $Too much. Banana: 65 cents. Burned CD: Free. My dad making the best of the gene pool: Priceless. :)