Thursday, October 9

What to wear...what to wear...

So Halloween is fast approaching, and it coming down to the wire where I'll have to make a decision on character and costume. I hate making decisions, especially one that involves cutting, sewing, and strutting.

I've narrowed it down to at least being a fairy. Well, a nymph specifically. But think 17th century definition, not the sex-crazed individual. (For those who don't know what the old school nymph definition is, it's "one of a numerous class of lesser deities of mythology." I just want to wear wings and have lil magical-ness to my boring, ol' self. So we'll see. :)

My biggest internal debate is, what to wear for my outfit. Obviously I got the wings yesterday at the local costume shop for a whopping $5 bucks. Sweetness. I'm thinking my color scheme will be pink and black (the wings are pink just for reference). I'm going to wear black tights because a.) it's late October, b.) we'll be outside probably most of the night, c.) black is slimming, lol, and d.) tights suck it in, haha. I'm still debating what to wear on the bottom half. I'm thinking of constructing a lil skirt of cute lil pink gauzy-ness. I'm still up in the air about what I want. Story of my life. I know however, I am rocking my wings. They're my new, latest fling.

And because Halloween is a.) the end of the month, and b.) on a Friday, I'm not sure about my work schedule and the ability to get up to Corvallis for the festivities. The end of the month equals bills, and bills are due on Friday no-matter-what. Stay till it's done, pretty much. But I'm okay with this. I've had many a memory in Corvallis regarding Halloween, fabulous costumes, and this cute boy I met. So now it's time to move on. So this year Stacey and I are hitting up Ashland. Apparently it's rowdy fun. Probably not as rowdy as somethings I've seen in my hayday in Corvallis, but we're definitely up for the encounter. I'm excited. I better seen some good lookin' T 'n A. That's right. If you got it, rock it. I'm all about the scandalousness of Halloween because Amish school girl is just boring. I know some people don't believe in showing everything mama gave ya, me neither. I say show 85% of what mama gave ya. Besides, how else am I going to get drinks bought for me?

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  1. They're nothing fancy, just some print-outs of pictures that I found on the interweb. If you search for "Victorian postmortem photography", it's amazing how many dead people you can dig up. (giggle)