Wednesday, October 1

Finally, equality...

So amidst the talk of weddings bells, by talk I mean my guessing about Collin and Katie, I was playing around For those who don't know, either by the fact that you've lived in a barn, are from another planet, or don't have internet, it's a fun website to play around on. :)

Anyways, as I was spending time looking at stuff, I happen to see the advertisement that was down the right side of the page:

"GAY WEDDINGS: By the Knot!"

No way! Seriously? It's about damn time.

And although there are only 2 states so far that allow gay marriage, hopefully more soon will follow in allowing those dedicated to each other to have equal rights, no matter the orientation. After all, who else are more pressed for fabulousness and style than gay guys? (Sorry to my fellow lesbians, we're usually a bit rugged for the pomp and swankiness of the homos.)

So ya, feel free to poke around (hehe) and see what you can find to play with (double hehe).

Come on, gay jokes are just fun. And since I'm half of one, I get everyone passage to laugh.


  1. You're so silly. I need you to keep a lookout for a pair of comfy shoes that I can stand in for hours, that are black sneaker type shoes... Think lesbian nurse.