Monday, October 27


So about a week or two ago I went under the scissors. Okay, well I went under the cape, and got a faaabulous new cut. Taking off a few inches, I brought up the hairline just a tad. Well more than a tad. Definitely out of my old comfort zone. But I'm a new Ashley. One that is kinda enjoying her militarily single status. Trying at least. I have my moments. I figure if the first half of my twenties were spent reading, writing papers, and emulating the environmental movement, the latter half of my twenties can be spent learning, working, and emulating the young professional movement. Just a thought.

It's short, easy to do in the morning (which is good because I usually waste my mornings on my laptop blogging, Perez Hilton stalking, or good ol' fashioned I've never been this short. It's kinda liberating. My mother was obviously less than thrilled. But I'm not going there. :)

And I've become incredibly lazy in the eye ball stabbing department. I don't think I've worn my contacts since summer. I don't know why really. I think it has partly to do with that I only have one pair left, and I'm hoping to squeeze some out as Christmas present ideas for me from the parents. B.) Glasses are popped on right after waking up. No rummaging around for my trough in the morning for my Cheerios. And C.) I find my new glasses super cute. Slighly emo, slightly naughty librarian, slightly fabulous. :)


  1. Super cute! I keep cutting my hair short. I don't know why, I mean to grow it out, but I'm always drawn back under the scissors. It's addictive.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Thats shorter than even I go... wow. Way to have some balls. Now if we could just get that to translate to asking for time off! You look beautiful btw.