Monday, October 27

Dunder Mifflin, this is...Mike Myers?!?

I know it's technically not Halloween yet, but because it falls on a Friday this year...people tend to enjoy making the weekend before Halloween slightly Halloween-ish.

So this weekend, Stacey and I stopped by the local Harry and David to check out the professional pumpkin carver. All I could think about was pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, deliciousness. Even though it takes awhile to cook a freakin' pumpkin down to the useful consistency, I've never enjoyed it better than in a lil baby loaf pan. Better than zucchini bread, better than homemade blackberry pie.

The totem pole of vegetables.

Slightly impressed. Slightly unimpressed that he left some of the pen markings on the outside of the pumpkin. Amateur.

And as I was saying about premature Halloween parties. Well I got to go to one Saturday evening and it was a blast. My only disappointment was the fact that most people bought their costumes online. How unoriginal. I mean, somethings you need to buy. Masks. Fishnets. Fake Blood. But the whole costume in a package. Well anyone can buy a costume online. So ya, that's my stance on store/online-bought costumes.

Let's see if you can follow this one. The lady on the right is Tracy's boyfriend's mom. And the only thing they bought were the ears/head cap. The rest was sewn. Pretty awesome. I voted for them for best costume. I mean, they quoted from the movie. How cool is that? Unfortunately they lost to the King and Queen of Hearts. I'd rather have my hands and thread win me 'best costume,' and not hitting the 'add to cart' button.

Let's try another follow. This is Hayley's friend's (April's) dad. He was the hostest with the mostest (which can be said for numerous things). He originated as Dracula. But as you can tell from the progression of the Patron, he eventually morphed into Drunk-ula. Being the kind guest I was, I took the shot of Patron offered to me. be didn't blow my skirt up. Instead, it toyed with my gag reflex. Tequila and I have never had a very good relationship. Now I've been told that the better quality tequila is eons beyond the likings of Jose. Well unfortunately for me...all that crap tastes the same. My palette continues to dislike tequila. I prefer to stick to American men, like Jim (in more ways than one).

OMG, It's Mike Myers. Okay,'s my dad. In his $9 costume. Pretty sweet. He dried the ketchup on the knife, wore his own coveralls, and put on his work boots. One word: resourceful. He did a very good job of stalking the windows of the party trying to scare people before we actually got to the door. I was entertained at least. And because I didn't want to have my chicaronnes hanging out infront of older guys, I opted to remain fully clothed and went as a runner. All I had to do was wear my dad's Hood to Coast medals. I did spray my running clothes so they wouldn't stench. But then again, it totally would have made my costume authentic.

This week I'll be attempting to put together my costume that I'll be rockin' in Ashland. Hopefully I can get it done in time. I have like 4 days. Ish. We'll see. I do still have to go to the fabric store. All I have are the wings. But I like to believe I work better under pressure. Adds some jest to the competition. It's like my own version of Project Runway. But instead, it's Project Sidewalk. Let's hope I can 'make it work' (get it?).

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