Saturday, August 15

All In One Morning

So I'm sitting here on the floor in the McD kitchen, checking my e-status because I can't not be connected, with B-Rox next to me. The things that boy says.

Just a few B-Rox-isms:

Brax: "Mommy had a cat and a dog on her Facebook."

Brax: "These are naughty duckies."
Me: "Why are they naughty?"
Brax: "Because they bite people."

Me: "Ahh, dude, you just sprayed me."
Brax: "Ya."

Mommy McD: "You should go up and give daddy and big raspberry."
Brax: "Ya! Aunt Bop can come!"

Brax: "Time for Olive Garden." (at 7:42am)

Brax: "We're going to a pumpkin patch today."

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