Sunday, August 23

Brother & Wife: Making A Home

Congratulations to Brother and Wife for their successful closing on a house. Yay!!

A shot of the happy couple, with Brother carrying the Wife over the threshold.

From the pictures, it looks like a great house structurally. Just some standard home-improvement projects needed to modernize it to the new family.

The day after the keys were handed over, Amber and her sister were busy sprucing the place up with new paint and accessories (goodbye purple wall!).

Nice patio. Place for a BBQ. Maybe an OSU cover for that BBQ. And chairs.

Big backyard for Lila Boo (she's a Boston Pug mix) to run around and terrorize.

Great place. I hope pictures are forwarded once all the renovating and updating is done. Have to see how the Neic-phew and family will be living.

But until then, congrats again!!

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