Saturday, August 8

Tagged In July, Posted In August

So I was tagged by Legs. Over a month ago. And am just now getting to it. Woops.

6 names you go by:

1. Ashley

2. Mrs Wookie

3. Aunt Bop

4. Ging
5. Auschwitz

6. Granola-Eating Hippie

3 things you are wearing right now:

1. purple Old Navy tank top

2. wook's red track pants
3. old lady slippers from Fred Meyer

3 things you want very badly at the moment:

1. personal trainer

2. more work clothes
3. a massage(?)

5 people who will fill this out (or at least those I'm taggin'!!!):

1. Mommy McD

2. Miss Olympia

3. Hay Buggy Buggy

3. Wookie(?)

4. Umm, I'm blanking right now...

3 things you did last night:

1. offended Sean

2. redeemed myself to Sean
3. high-fived Sean

3 things you ate today:

1. bacon

2. eggs
3. toast

3 favorite drinks:

1. coffee

2. good beer

3. ice tea

Happy lazy Saturday. But with a cocktail party planned for the evening. Yay.

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