Friday, April 9

Who loves their job? This blogger!!

Let's for a moment pretend I'm Willie Wonka.  And let me take you on a magical journey through my chocolate factory. TWSS.  "Come with me...and you'll see...that the Snozzberries actually taste like vodka tonics with lemon."

Monday and Tuesday were relatively passive.  The calm before the storm.  The storm being a seminar with VIP speakers.  But Tuesday was not without it's fair share of fun.  Last minute catering changes 5 minutes before I was to leave for the day.  "Hi Wook, ya, I won't be getting out of here on time."  Almost 2 hours later, finally out.  Yes!

And what was on the post-work schedule???  The exhibition opener of the Norfolk Tides (Triple A to the Orioles) vs. Norfolk State University (one of the local "universities.")

Photographic proof of said game.

Wednesday = Seminar Day!  Busy busy busy!!  Turn this room!  Prep this!  Prep that!  Let's make this perfect, people!!  We have people to impress and standards to uphold!  Gorgeous!  We need this, this, and this!  Sir, it's already done, done, and done!

But wait!...Because mid-day there was a raffle for the Corporate hockey tickets.  Of course, I enter!  And...I win!!  So, shorry, I won't be staying late to help with the clean-up.  I've been here for 10+ hours.  I'm going to watch me some hockey.  Bye!

 Winner, winner, chicken tender dinner...


 Admirals win!

Thursday was the downhill to Friday.  Or as we call it at work, Friday Eve.  But this time at work, there was the raffle for the Corporate baseball tickets...and I enter...and I win again!  Woop, woop.

The Wookie scowling because his picture was taken.  Standard.

 Now THESE are seats.

Yes...Right. Behind. The. Dugout. Jealous??

And for the all-around icing on the cake for today.  I've been off work since 1pm.  My boss told me for all my efforts this week, skip lunch, and take off.  Have a good weekend.  See you Monday.

Oh, okay, well if you insist.  I'll go right home.  Yacked to Mommy McD my whole commute home.  Then some more.  Scarfed a bowl of Cheerios down because I was too lazy to eat the lunch I totally packed for today.  And am now perusing  Because I'm a hippie.  And it's what we do.  Now, should I get the "Plastic Bags Blow" shirt that I'm eye-ballin'??  Or is it too much message?  Now this is a HAPPY FRIDAY!

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