Wednesday, April 14

Who loves Oregon (the State)!?!?

You might remember this fantastic t-shirt that was a birthday present from Baby Sister back in October of last year??

Just a tad big, eh

And from the looks of the tights, it was a cold run that day.  Brrrr, thank goodness Old Man Winter has passed us.  I can only take so much cold.  I'll take the 97 with full humidities any day.  Just as long as I'm not at work, there's a secluded beach, and I have a cooler of rehydration.  And Mr. Wookie to sunscreen my back.

Well, Baby Sister was at it again.  Sneaky, sneaky. She not only found the shirt somewhere in Portland (OR), when we thought finding a smaller size was impossible, but she threw it in the mail last week.

Monday = finding happiness in a box. TWSS.

So needless to say, "I'm in love."  Oregon has everything.  Oregon is home.  I can't wait to wear my shirt this weekend.  I just hope it's not cold.  This baby needs to breathe and be seen.

And an update: There are 55 days until my next trip back to the State of Greenery.  That's right.  Schfifty-Five. Happy Wednesday!


  1. What do I have to do to get one of those?

    I'll send money, Hug-o-gram, Dance naked... well almost naked.

    Please please help me aquire one of these.
    So that I may wear it on homesick days.


    i didn't even know they had clothes with the heart in Oregon symbol!! I've already got the sticker...i'm thinking it's time to add to the collection.