Monday, April 26

Your tax dollars hard at work.

Mr. Wookie's text: "I'm bored up here."

Mrs. Wookie's text: "You're flying anld texting???"

So yes, Mr. Wookie had a little time on his hands while he was galavanting around the Virginian airspace.  And because I love to see him in his uniform - I requested photographic evidence.

He's never too happy about my picture requests.

Curious about Mr. Wookie's aircraft?  He's an E-2 NFO.  One of 3 guys in the back of the aircraft responsible for communications, radar, and such.  He's been in Flight School since 2007, having spent time in Pensacola (Florida) before coming to Norfolk, Virginia.  And since Winging in December of last year, he's finally in the last parts of the syllabus of Flight School.  Finally.  I can't wait for Graduation.  Neither can Mr. Wookie.

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