Friday, April 9

Yes, family, I am alive.

Just yesterday it was Monday and I was staring down a week of Tuesday and Wednesday being insanely busy, with a high chance of pollen in the air, and a low chance of getting a real lunch break.

Well, I survived, and not without instances of AWESOME.  But I can't find my cord-connector thingy to upload my pictures, so you'll have to wait to view my awesomeness.  That and my coffee is unbelievably good at the moment and I'm contemplating marriage.  To the coffee.  Because it's the best thing since Zappos.  Okay, I kid that last statement.  And I still need to show you my new sandals for the summer.  But that requires picture uploading.  Something not happening at the moment.  Hopefully today after work.

What did happen this week was a heat wave to the Eastern Seaboard.  Specifically Virginia.  While it was a manageable 70's last week, Monday rocketed to the 97 mark.  Cue in the humidity = shweaty balls.  And I'd have a screen shot of for you, but Mr. Wookie's computer is currently down for the count.

Speaking of computers, for this week we've been a one-computer family.  Umm, in the wise words of one of Middle Sister's babysitting gigs, "I don't think I'm going to like that."  We both spend a ridiculous amount of time online when we're free from employment's responsibilities.  So now it's like Blogging vs. Flight Schedule Checking.  And sadly, Mr. Wookie's schedule is far more important than my mindless rants to the blogosphere.

And while on the topic of the Navy, Mr. Wookie had to attend a memorial yesterday for the E-2 pilot lost a week and a half ago.  It wasn't heavily noted in American news; but according to the BBC, the aircraft experienced mechanical failure.  The 2 NFOs and the co-pilot successfully bailed out.  The pilot never was found.  So yesterday, Mr. Wookie got to hear about how this pilot left his wife and 2 kids behind.  But saved 3 lives.  So while the pilot was doing his duty, what he signed up to do, it's still sad to see one of the already-small community lose a member.  So yes, I hug and kiss Mr. Wookie each and every day.

But on a lighter note, today is Friday.  And it's currently raining here.  2 parts to this excitement.  A.) Rain is AWESOME.  B.) Rain rinses away pollen.  Double yay.  The only downside to the rain.  Mr. Wookie's tee time is at 7am.  Now I know what you're taxes are going towards funding his golf game????  Well, technically, yes.  He claims he's strengthening national security.  But I also think this tournament is for charity.

Speaking of charity, I'll hopefully be having a PSA for the March of Dimes to post up soon.

I think I need another cup of coffee.  *tweet* 30-second time out, Ging.

I'm going to have this Hazelnut coffee's babies.  De-lish-us!

But in reality, I just don't feel like getting ready for today, so I'm postponing by talking to you, folks.  Shower?  Overrated.  Packing a lunch?  Psssh.  Besides, I'm not done with my second cup of coffee yet.  No one likes to rush through caffeination (and it's totally squiggling under "caffeination," but I'm insisting it's a word).  Happy Friday!

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  1. I'm loving the rain as well. Yay rain! Viva Rain!