Friday, April 16

Yes, I'm running away this weekend.

Today should be one of those days where I could spill water/coffee/urine all over my shoes and I just. wouldn't. care.  Because nothing can rain on my parade.

It starts like this.  Wake up today whenever I feel like it.  Remember how I said I was in way-too-early each day for the earlier part of this week.  Well...I'm in at 11am today.  Suck it, monkeys.  And I still get to take lunch, which is just awesome.  So a partial work day...I'm soooo in.

So I'm out of work at 5:30pm - something I bartered for.  Because sometimes I just want to sleep the hell in.  I don't want to worry about going to bed before 10pm.  I want to go out, enjoy the night, then wake up without the use of my phone's alarm.

Too bad, yesterday was not like that.

Like any good "hobbyist runner," I went out for a 3-3.5 mile jog yesterday.  It wasn't going as well as I had planned as my sweating level was not up to par.  So I chalked it up to needing more water.  Easy solve.  Get home.  Drink water.  Shower.  Get ready to go out for dinner and some beverages...AND THEN I FEEL LIKE CRAP.  Welcome back, long-lost stomach issues.  I thought you were done for.  But apparently you felt neglected and needed to antagonize me after a measly 3 miles out.  Why thank you.

So we didn't go out last night.  Mr. Wookie was gearing up for cocktails at one of the fancier places in town.  But we didn't/couldn't.  No J. Crew-wearing night for him.  Instead, it was chicken noodle soup, The Girl Next Door, and couch lounging after taking shots of Pepto.  And to think, all I wanted was a short, stress-relieving run.  No soup for me.

But back to today's schedule.

Out of work at 5:30.

I have me a hair appointment at 6:00.  Yes, on a Friday night.  Because I missed my appointment last week due to the guest speaker/seminar action.  And so now i'm desperate for someone to get rid of the caterpillars over my eyes.  It's a much-needed hour of sanctuary.

You're probably thinking that, Oh, hey, you'll have great hair, are you and Mr. Wookie going out tonight instead?

Ummm, not exactly.  I have a date with my car to be exact.  Since the weekend of the Half Marathon, we've had house guests for majority of the weekends since.  I'm. Burned. Out. On.  Houseguests.  So I'm getting out of town.  Becoming a house guest of my the Mommy McD household.  Because chasing children, lounging around reading, and enjoying estrogen while playing around Target will reestablish my chi.  That and we're totally have margaritas this weekend, so who wouldn't want to go?

Yes, I still haven't packed. No, I'm not showering today because I totally did last night.  Yes, I need to get gas before I get into work.  Yes, I'll get up to Suburbia of the District at a relatively late hour.  And no, I don't have snacks for the trip.  But fear not.  There's still time.  It's only 7:30am now.  I have plenty of time to work with.  Jealous?

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