Saturday, April 10

Today's Galavant Around Town

Why yes I feel muuuuuch better.  Thanks for asking.  So after my nap, we decided to hit the local Downtown Norfolk area for some Vitamin D.  And a test run on my new sandals.

During our visit to the Francis Land House when the visiting Oregonians were here, we learned of another historical house a few blocks from our place.  So naturally, we made the gaunter over to check it out.

One problem though...last tour was at 3pm.  We arrived there at 3:40.  Looks like we'll have to go back tomorrow.  Oh darn.  Something to do on an otherwise laundry-filled Sunday.

So instead, we went 5 blocks toward the water and enjoyed the sights along the river.


Walking back from the water, we were attempting to find this used bookstore we passed by once last year.  Sadly, now that I'm working, I don't have the freedom to bop around the Downtown area like before.

 This book store.

All it's missing is the floating ghost lady like in Ghost Busters.

I decided we didn't need a plastic bag.  I'm still thinking about that shirt. 

Yes, fiction came home with me.  Yes, it was a short debate to purchase or not.  How fitting.  It's about a guy who takes a trial medication that "cures" indecisiveness.  Hmmm, I wonder when this will actually become an available option?  But would I need it?  See.

And like nerds returning from the library, we find our seats and crack open our latest treasures.

Yes, that's a beverage.  It's past 5pm at this time.  Totally acceptable.

New sandals!

Iced tea.  And a margarita also.

 And for dinner, Chinese take-out!

And while waiting for our order, we caught up on last season's Deadliest Catch.  And yes, I'm aware that the new season starts this next week.  So we'll have to be acquiring it from our favorite source. *ahem* Collin *ahem*  It just won't be the same now, without chain-smoking Phil.  Speaking of, I need a Time Bandit shirt.

So we'll be trying the historical house again tomorrow.  Blogpost to come then.  But until that time, please enjoy your Saturday night.  Especially Ashley, the Accidental Olympian.  Happy Birthday!  Just don't wake up in a rotting hangover of a mess.  Or if you do, do NOT feel the need to workout.  Over. Rated.

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