Tuesday, April 27

So...the Dr. will see you now.

"Good morning.  Or not. I just read your blog and I think it's time to go to an urgent care facility." - Mama Ging's text this morning.

Umm, I don't want to go.  Doctors suck.  Paying a $20 co-pay so they can tell me I'm sick. Snore.  I could think of other ways to spend the money (not that I'm hurting financially, I'm just frugal/stingy as hell).

So with a little more coaxing, I called my doctor's office.  I wanted a 6pm appointment because getting out of work on time is IMPOSSIBLE.  What I got was different.  I got a 3:30 appointment, because my doctor is out today and the person who is covering her patients has a life and doesn't want to stay until Midnight.  Hi Boss, know how I've been just-a-tad-bit sick?  Well I'll be leaving at 3pm for a doctor's appointment.  Have someone monitor my email for the updated catering agreement for tomorrow's event and forward to the appropriate parties.  Thanks.

And it's not that I was avoiding the Doctor.  I just don't feel it's necessary to go when the cold was viral.  There's nothing to do about it.  You have to wait for it to clear or develop into something else.  Well, I guess a little green booger action is the "something else."  Translation: I don't run to the Doctor with a skinned knee.  I wait until it's a full-blown compound fracture so it's worth their time/earn their money.

And today's timeline o' Ging...

3:01 - Leave work!
3:24 - Check into Dr.'s Office
3:36 - Get walked back, take height/weight...
3:38 - Pulse/blood pressure/temperature taken (running a fever - shocked me!)
3:42 - Meet with Doctor.  She apologizes for not wearing her jacket.  She explains she's menopausal.  I nod in understanding/explain my jealousy for her getting to save $8+/month on female products.
3:45 - Doctor checks ears/nose/throat/lungs - ears/lungs clear (awesome!), throat "irritated," nose full of green boogies (der!)
3:49 - Prescription written for Amoxicillen/faxed to pharmacy
3:52 - Check out of Dr.'s office

Get in car, drive home, talk with Mama Ging about prognosis.  High five myself for clear lungs.

4:45 - Walk to pharmacy.
4:48 - Walk home with drugs.
4:52 - Open beer, swallow first dose of medication.  10 days = 10 beers?  We'll see.

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