Tuesday, April 13

Caveman of the Year Award goes to...

Where I work, my job is usually not glamorous.  I'm the first one in/last one to leave...So when it comes time for an 8am Committee meeting, I'm there an hour early doing set-up and checks of the sort.  So by being in at 7am, I'm up at an ungodly hour.  Today's that day.  Tomorrow also, but one day at a time, people!

So you'll imagine my insta-smile when the Wookie of the house prepped the coffee machine last night to go off at 5:30am.  You tha' best, you tha', you tha' best!  And the history behind the "Female?" well I can't really remember it.  That's just what he's alternative nickname for me has been.  It's very Caveman-esque.  And I don't mind.  And yes, I do call him Male if I have to assert his need to be on the plains killing Woolly Mammoths.

I'm going to sit here and enjoy my coffee until the very last chance possible.  Then rush to get ready, after giving him a million kisses before I jolt out the door into a still-dark morning and hit the highway to work.

Thanks Handsome.  Love you.

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  1. Is that his handwriting?!?!?

    I'm impressed!!