Friday, August 6

Mr. Wookie's Birthday, Viva Mommy McD's Casa, and who's up for a roadtrip??

So lots has happened since we last spoke.  No, not since the Friday Fill-In this morning, but since I last posted a real post about my whereabouts/doings/travels/etc.  And yes, I am VERY aware that England still needs to be settled.  But that's coming.  Soon.  Hopefully.  I just have other things to worry about right now.  MmmmKayThanks!

Anyways, let's just bring it back to Wookie & Co. for a second.  Should you ever stop by on a random night, here's where you'll find us.  Mr. Wookie will be propped into his favorite La-Z-Boy chair, perhaps with a glass of Bourbon, turtles going bazerk over his shoulder, while we catch up on Season 8 of Coach (yes, we've seen them all, but 90's comedies rock) or our latest Netflix delivery.

Then Mr. Wookie had his big ol' Quarter of a Century birthday.  It was great.  Mainly because his birthday swag was from over the Pond.

Here he is unwrapping boxers with the Tube map on them from the Transportation Museum in London.  We went there just for the 'roos.

I also picked up some prized Scotch while over there.  It was a triple distilled, three-wood 14-year-old single malt from the Lowlands.  Not to say I'm awesome.  But I'm awesome...because it came from the only triple distillery in Scotland...and it's the only three-wood Scotch in Scotland.  Double score.

Not to take away from the shirt, but how does a book on the Ross Clan compare to throwbacks to Mr. Belding and that giant ass cell phone??

This was partially for me...partially for him.  It's a Nessie magnet. Or magnets.

So as you know we're leaving, sometime, hopefully soon, but before then, we have to clean out the fridge of every and anything.  So this means marinades.

Thanks to $3 worth of drumsticks, dinner was delicious and our fridge a little bit emptier.

With Friday being my last day of work, and with the thought of leaving Norfolk before the end of July, I knew I need to hang out with the McD Crew one more time...

So I took off around 12:00pm Saturday afternoon.  This was AFTER a 3-engine alarm rang in my building.  Not to freak out...but 3 fire trucks would make me think business.  But after talking with them, they determined it was a malfunction and left.  Okay, good, Viva DC.

But traffic was an absolute nightmare.  We couldn't pick a speed between 12 and 84 for more than 10 minutes.

So about that short bus...

I was beyond bored...

Notice by the insane amount of pictures...

 But I made it finally!

From there we did nothing.  Minus get pedicures.  And figure out which gender the incubus was...and that whole ultrasound post (which I'd rather forget happened now).

I should learn how to Photoshop tan on my legs...

 We did hang out with the children though...

And they hung out ON the couch...

And they kept us entertained...

And they wouldn't slow down...

Until it was naptime.  But by then, I had gotten out my laptop to start the tedious process of updating my resume.  For some this takes a short amount of time.  For an anal Ging...this is a process because as a writer...I make a million copies, and it's never good enough, then I think of more to add, but then I have to make sure it looks esthetically pleasing, etc.  Nightmare.

See the reflection in the window.  There's a baby bump there.  Not much.  But it's there, promise.  It just resembles what it looks like after I eat too much Subway.  Or greasy pizza.  In my underwear.

And I'd write about the goodbye that i was forced to do, but I don't feel like crying again.  I know Mommy McD feels the SAME.  It's never goodbye between's "So I'll see you in a year when I connive with your husband about my travel plans."  And make sure you have mad money for shoe shopping.  And pedicures.  And a babysitter or husband available for now-going-to-be-3-trolls...OMGHowDoesThisMakeYouFeel???

But alas, I had to come back home to prepare for our next adventure.  And the starting point to that was a trip to the auto shop for an oil change, tire rotation, and alignment check.  So $100 later...we're good.  Well the car's wallet doesn't like spending money when there's none coming in.  I think everyone usually agrees with this philosophy.

Who doesn't like a little Steve Wilkos show??

Mr. Wookie needed new decals, so we hit that up today.  And we may or may not have hit up the package store also.  Because they're like super close.  And it's not like we couldn't.

We hit up Costco for samples, lunch, and new GPSs.  Okay, a new one for Mr. Wookie.  The first one for me.

Then we said goodbye to the ugly ass couch that has inhabited itself in our dwelling during our time here in Virginia.  I'm not sad to see it go.

You just can't see my waving "Goodbye!" in this picture.  Sorry.  Maybe next time.

So where am I sitting right now?  On the floor...with my bony ass digging into the hardwood.  I have plenty of cushion on the back end from not running for the past months, but a little down by where I sit would be nice.

So this is where the couch used to sit.  And now it's bare.  Darn.  But now nothing is hiding our Goodwill piles.  Looks like we actually have to make a visit now.


  1. I super love the Goodbye Ugly Couch pictures...hysterical!!!!