Tuesday, March 8

2 months of mommyhood

It's March 8th y'all!  That's exactly 2 months since we brought home this lug o' bones and skin, shaped like an English bulldog, and an emotional wreck of a dog.  Where am I going?  OH gee, car ride!  This traffic is making me nauseous....going to lie down now!  Oh, we're somewhere!  Let me just pee in your house!  Hehe, yes, I know better - thanks for reminding me.  Now let's WALK!

Get all that?

So when we brought her home she was around the 67-68 pounds region of the scale.  "She could use to lose a few pounds."  And with a Jillian Michaels-style of walks, we've wittled her down to a svelt 65 pounds.  She looks damn good now.  Thanks Biggest Loser dog edition.

And thankfully that first month went back easily so we could put the emphasis of training her.  We were recommended to experience her quirks for one month, then start training.  And we did.

Everyone says she's gorg - which we agree.  Unless she's spending too much time rollin' around in the shmutz on the back deck (girl likes her outdoor lounging).  I consider her a hidden Ging since her brown coat looks a little red to me.  Yes, it may be because I'm partial.  Shoosh.

When she's pooped, you'll find her on her bed in front of the fire.  We'll light the fireplace in the morning when I'm reading blogs and indulging in my coffee.  She knows to give mommy a little "me time" in the morning so I'm not a raging bitch.  Because a bitch of a mommy means a shorter walk.  And that's not good.  We also call this "Asian sleeping" since her eyes...well...look a little Asian.

But then she'll read your energy and know you're mocking her sleeping habits, so she's rouse and ESP back to us in her best Ukranian accent, "I no sleeping Asian."

We discussed recently whether we got the "right dog."  She was the most active of the adoptable bunch by far, and I just wanted to be reassured that Mr. Wookie was loving her as much as I am.  Would we be happy with a dog who only walks 10 minutes a day and doesn't play ball?  Umm, not me.  And not Mr. Wookie.  We love that she plays, "Bitch, back off."  It's her version of Fetch, but she doesn't give back the ball.  She knaws on it until it's obliterated then comes back to us with, "That ball was crap.  Give me another."

She gets zero affection from us.

We've most recently started training (last week) as she's a bit o' a puller on walks.  And she has a slight aggression towards other dogs (we call her Kujo then - and we did know about this issue upon adoption #doesn'tchangethefactshe'ssupercute).  We did try the front-clip harness, but she was like a fish outta water so bad that she chafed her doggy (arm) pits.  So that was returned.  Enter a miraculous trainer who doesn't charge $65/hour or $135/hour (really, people charge that much here) - she costs much less.  Come Friday morning, we've got Sweet Pea fitted with a martingale-style harness and OBEYING.  What. the. heck???  [I bow.]

So far in just the 3 days with the new style o' harness, we have a changed dog.  A dog that doesn't charge ahead like Custard.  Mind you, she still reverts back and you have to remind her.  But this is an amazing change to where we used to be.

Dog aggression training is in the future.  Baby steps, people.

How do you know she's engrossed in her toy?  We call this, "full turkey legs."

And while she used to love shoving her face in your crotch at the dinner table, she now realizes that we're both ravishing fools and refuse to leave any scraps of dinner on our plates.  So no human food for her.  She lays down looking so sad (she's a bulldog, so this is very easy for her) in hopes that she can score leftovers.

She really is a peach.  And we like her.  So it looks like we're keeping her.


  1. Miss Sweet Pea is too cute. It sounds like she found her perfect forever home. Oh, can she send some doggie weight loss tips our way? Marcello's got a few pounds to lose, like 5 lbs.

  2. That first face kills me! I want to SMOOCH IT!

  3. Glad to see her ball habits haven't changed a bit - I love your name for it! LOL She always used to do that in the yard with me... get it and not give it back!

    So glad you guys love her so much... You're all perfect for each other!

  4. Sweet Pea is just adorable! I love the pictures you posted...they show such a loving and entertaining personality!