Monday, March 14

my uneventful Sunday

Things are quiet in the Wookie & Co. household.  Again.  Any given day Mr. Wookie could be away saving the world away from home.  Or he could be working a typical workday at the squadron.  Things are never the same day, which is good in keeping things guessing.  Will I have a dinner buddy?  Or won't I?

I do have this inability to make delicious dinners...when he's not here.  Dinner last night involved roasted leeks, orange segments, and other salad fixings that just tasted stellar.  Tonight was roasted brussel sprouts, wild Alaskan salmon, and lemon rice.

Sorry Mr. Wookie.  Maybe if the Navy kept you here, you'd be fed.

In all honesty, Mr. Wookie won't eat salmon.  So that piece of insight still won't get him fed.  We'd have to choose a different piece of flesh.

Somehow I found Beyonce's tour in Vegas (on tv) - and she's captivating.  Mainly because she makes having a booty worth it.

Today's run was not ideal.  I blame the Chinese takeout I had Friday night with one of the lady Junior Officers.  The MSG lugged my body down to where I didn't run Saturday like supposed - "Oh, I'll run tomorrow."  Well Sunday came, and my desire wasn't there.  So treadmill action it was.  Because I could watch E!  That's the only reason.

When Mr. Wookie's not here, there's no one to back me up in "Sweet Pea, go lay down."  Because when one of us says it, she'll go to the other thinking undermining will occur.  Sorry furball.  We're on the same page here.

I got another produce delivery on Saturday, and this time I decided to mix things up a little bit.  Hello leeks.  And hello fennel.  I roasted part of the fennel yesterday.  And the leeks I'm thinking of soup.

I could desperately use a pedicure.  Not until June 6th though.  That's the day after the O2O Half Marathon.  So.far.away.

And I'm patiently waiting for Baby Sister to blog about her 5K today!

Isn't my Brother beautiful with his new Sleeping Beauty-esque headband??  I'll see him Saturday.  Along with Sister in Law and Nephew.  And my parents.  And sisters.  Watch out, people!  The Griswolds are in action!

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