Sunday, March 6

the end of Vegan Week

Friday was brutal.  I was over being vegan.  I was tired of staring at the packs of bacon in my fridge.  And I was tired of having to Google, "Is Fat Tire vegan?"  I had standard cereal for breakfast, another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, hummus and chips for snack, and a vodka tonic for dinner.  Just joking.  Kinda.

But it was a good week.  And no, I didn't lose any weight.

What did I learn from a week of veganism?

A salad cannot do justice as the precursor to a night out on the town.  You will wake up feeling decently awful.  You'll sulk in the shower knowing you need to eat but the hunger just isn't there.

You'll create almost zero trash.  In the perfect world, my veganism would have been followed up with composting of all vegetable trash.  And in that perfect world, my veganism would be fueled by my backyard garden.  Le sigh.

People will give you all the reasons in the world to eat meat and that you're doing something wrong by not eating animals.  Yes, I heard everything from food chain etiquette, to ancestry, to teeth structure opinions.  Yes, I agree with ALL those things.  BUT you're not understanding that raising cows does increase the carbon footprint, that sometimes they're NOT butchered humanely, and that the hormones in them have been linked in various studies to health issues.  The vegans I know are vegan for health and environmental issues.  They may still like meat.  But they choose not to participate with it for their reasons.  If everyone wanted to eat a Double Double, there'd be a longer line through the drive-through.  And that line is long enough already.

It's a great way to feel like you're cleansing the system.  The increase in beans definitely helped move the transit cycle along in a health manner.

Friday night also included the 12:01am official 21st birthday of my sister.

Wanna check out Baby Sister's after-midnight shenanigans?  Click here.

It was tame as she wanted to have Saturday night be the real birthday celebrations.  [The jury is still out if she is alive.]  If only I took that piece of advice Friday night as I was out and about.  I was invited out with some ol' friends - then we ran into Mr. Wookie's squadron mates.  The party joined forces and killed.  I kept updating the group on the countdown until Baby Sister's 21st.  Then at midnight, the band started playing, "Don't Stop Believing."  In my head I was believing I was still 23 and rocking out.  So in my alcohol-fueled brilliance I decided to call her, and leave a voicemail of the music.

Then my phone got passed around.

"Oh, that's your sister?  How old is she?  Where does she live?  Is she single?"

Yes, she's 21.  She lives in Portland, Oregon.  Yes,....but she lives in Portland.  And she's probably smart enough to not fall for a military boy.  One is enough in the family.

The night was great.  Until the tequila shots were ordered.  "Say good night, Mrs. Wookie."

Hangovers never get easier.  Why do I try to question this?  And fun fact: Maintaining your running date for 3-4 miles, while dehydrated/hungover, is not a good idea.  You'll run, your belly will slosh.  You'll get hot, and not sweat.  You'll burp bile, and feel like shit.  You'll add 2:00 minutes per mile to your pace.  And you'll end it at 3 miles.  Although had a felt like a champion, we could have easily done 4-5 miles.

And because I don't know how to tend this blogpost, I'll leave you with this picture of Baby Sister than appeared on Facebook last night.  I need to text her to see if she has a pulse.

Here's to never getting an MIP (Minor in Possession).  Now just make sure you don't get Distributing charges.  And always charge a Finder's Fee.  Make that money.

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  1. When I was doing the vegetarian (lacto-ovo) thing for a while, I swear, people got downright mad or defensive about my choice to not eat meat. It was ridiculous. It was like I was saying they were bad people and wrong.

    The reality is people don't want to be inconvenienced by not being able to eat that hamburger that they really want even if it's bad for them and the environment. So they rationalize it.

    I eat meat probably 1-2 times a week, now. I could probably eat it less but it's better for my marriage to eat meat a couple times a week. The Husband is not interested in going veg. So, it's not ideal in my mind as far as the environment is concerned, but we do compost, have efficient cars, use few plastic bags, etc. It's a compromise.